Professional Forestry Services in Ashtead

Woodland and forestry owners in Ashtead and the surrounding counties of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent can choose our company for woodland management and forestry services in complete confidence. In recent times, a resurgence in the timber sector has made woodland management a more viable proposition, particularly when there is a strong chance of return on investment through timber harvesting

At Surrey Forestry, we realise that some of our commercial clients in the Ashtead area face a series of challenges that include operational costs, dealing with public liability issues and qualifying for grants. To help in this area, we develop immediate and practical solutions by establishing long-term strategies that help in obtaining felling licenses and grant aid. On the opposite end of the scale, we undertake traditional forestry services for our domestic customers in Ashtead.

Vegetation clearance and site clearance work is often at the forefront of our operation, particularly when existing woodland has been taken over by invasive plant species. We may also undertake tree felling as part of our site clearance work in the Ashtead area, particularly when a specimen has been left to mature in an unsuitable environment and currently presents a risk to property and public safety.

Following site and vegetation clearance, we undertake all planting and design requirements using structured strategies that contribute to both short and long-term woodland development. While we always place an opportunist eye on future harvesting potential, we still fulfil our environmental responsibilities by creating sustainable woodlands that not only accommodate wildlife but also help it to thrive.

To find out more about or woodland management and forestry services, call our friendly team today. We perform site surveys, create detailed arboriculture reports and offer free quotations throughout Ashtead and all surrounding areas. With Surrey Forestry, woodland management is made simple through experience.

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