Forestry Services in Banstead

Because our team offers widespread coverage throughout all parts of Surrey, customers in Banstead can receive high quality forestry services at fair, affordable prices. Unlike traditional tree surgeons who provide basic tree care services, we specialise in woodland management. It is important to remember that the long-term health of woodland areas rely heavily on effective management and this is where our company comes into its own.

In much the same way as a domestic garden needs care throughout the year, woodland management helps to preserve healthy trees and plants but protects against invasive species and scrub. If left unchecked, invasive species can begin to dominate natural tree and plant life. Surrey Forestry can attend any property in the Banstead area to discuss and implement a working woodland management program.

On larger projects, our work begins with a site clearance or vegetation clearance. We take particular care with this type of work because overgrown woodlands may have become home to many different wildlife species. When cutting back grasslands, we are one of the very few companies in the Banstead area to use progressive trimming because we always take animal mitigation and relocation into account.

Site clearance work can include tree felling or dismantling while vegetation clearance work generally focuses on the removal of species-poor plants. Our long-term goal with all woodland management is to create a healthy, sustainable environment that supports healthy tree and plant growth, a natural habitat for wildlife, a supporting ecosystem and a safe outdoor space that preserves the safety of property and the general public.

We incorporate a full range of traditional tree surgery and forestry services into our work including crown thinning, crown reductions and crown lifting. Surrey Forestry always try to recycle as much removed wood as possible. We have our own equipment that we use to create woodchip, mulch, logs and hardwood. Call us today for a free local quotation in the Banstead area.

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