Sustainable Woodland Management in Cobham

Our woodland management services extend to all urban and residential developments in the Cobham area. By combining our design and management skills with traditional forestry services that include site clearance and vegetation clearance work, we can create sustainable environments that also open the doors to a potential return on investment through timber harvesting.

Woodlands are essentially habitats where trees are the most dominant feature. Left unchecked, invasive species can compromise the health of trees within their own environment. Even trees that aren’t suffering through invasive species may have weakened through lack of care. At Surrey Forestry, we assist clients in Cobham and the wider South East of England by implementing sustainable strategies with long-term benefits firmly in mind.

As part of our woodland management and forestry services, we implement the following working practices:

  • Site Clearance and Vegetation Clearance
  • Woodland Design and Creation
  • Tree Planting and Ongoing Maintenance
  • Improvement and Management Programmes
  • Control of Invasive Species
  • Ancient Woodland Restoration
  • Habitat Improvement for Wildlife
  • Strengthening of Surrounding Ecosystems

By using these strategies and practices, our company promotes revenue through timber harvesting and marketing. We reinforce these strategies by offering advice on grants, applications and collections. Surrey Forestry is already involved in successful woodland maintenance projects in the Cobham area and we continue to reinforce the many benefits our services provide.

Our forestry services stabilise soil, generate more oxygen and create better habitats for wildlife. They can also help in providing superior leisure, educational and recreational facilities. The creation of timber for industrial and domestic use is also a strong reason to protect, nurture and augment healthy tree growth.

Our company is highly experienced in woodland legislation and we liaise at all levels with the Forestry Commission and local authorities to deliver an ethical, conscientious service that very few forestry companies in the area can meet. To arrange a consultation and an initial site survey, call our friendly team today.

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