Timber Harvesting and Woodland Management in Fetcham

Operating as a trading division of Surrey Tree Care Limited, Surrey Forestry are woodland management professionals serving all major locations in our wide operational area including Fetcham. We incorporate our forestry services into all woodland management projects but unlike traditional tree care and surgery, the management of woodland is built around long-term sustainability, practical benefits and the opportunity to harvest timber.

Our services begin with a detailed inspection and inventory of woodland and forestry anywhere in the Fetcham area. In spaces where scrub and invasive species have taken over, we perform vegetation clearance services to give natural specimens a better chance of not just surviving, but also to thrive. If poor habitat or lack or care has made an existing tree dangerous, we conduct a site clearance using felling or sectional dismantling techniques.

What we do next is often down to what the client wishes to achieve but an extensive replanting programme is usually undertaken when we’ve had to upheave a sizeable number of trees. Surrey Forestry are capable of handling all woodland management and design work in-house. We also ensure that the environment is tailored to sustain wildlife and to preserve the surrounding ecosystem.

Clients in Fetcham can enjoy a series of unique benefits whenever they use our site clearance and forestry services. The most significant of these is the opportunity to harvest timber. This can be as part of the supply chain in the manufacture of furniture or the recycling of fallen and felled trees to create kindling, firewood, mulch or logs. Our company can advise you further on all aspects of timber harvesting on request.

If you would like to find out more about our long-term woodland management and vegetation clearance services, call Surrey Forestry today. We are based in Leatherhead and have prompt access to all nearby locations in our area including Fetcham, Dorking and Walton-on-Thames.

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