Forestry Services and Woodland Management in Guildford

Our coverage of Surrey extends into Guildford where we provide woodland management and forestry services to landowners, developers, surveyors, local authorities and government agencies. We are 100% committed to the conservation, protection and re-establishment of woodland and our fully qualified team excel in the management of private estates in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent.

We have unrivalled knowledge of local woodlands and specialise in the implementation of strategic objectives that preserve natural beauty, sustain the woodland environment and encourage tree species and wildlife to thrive. On many of the projects we encounter in the Guildford area, invasive plants have affected the welfare of native species trees and plant life. We provide site clearance and vegetation clearance services that eliminate potentially harmful trees, plants and scrub.

A woodland management programme includes long-term tree care and woodland maintenance. This is where landowners can see distinct benefits to our ongoing management services. During maintenance, we harvest fallen or cleared timber and recycle it for secondary use. This can lead to a return on investment for landowners and adds to the existing amenity value of work carried out as part of a structured programme. We are also able to harvest timber when we fell invasive trees as part of a site clearance or vegetation clearance project in the Guildford area.

Our work sees us dealing with all levels of authority including the Forestry Commission. Did you know that low-key management and maintenance can qualify you for a grant that could increase the capacity of your woodland to produce more timber? It can also contribute to the cost of maintaining public benefits whenever you have to have work undertaken to meet the UK Forestry Standard. Call our friendly team today to arrange a site survey and a free written quotation without obligation.

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