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Site Clearance

At Surrey Forestry, we can manage projects of any size to include all woodland management requirements in our main trading areas of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent. Site clearance is a speciality service that includes the upheaval of trees, scrub and vegetation, usually with a view to preparing for development or long-term maintenance work. By creating a blank canvas for future projects, we can assist our clients in many different ways.

Tree removal is a significant part of our site clearance work and there are many reasons why we may have to consider felling. Trees that have been allowed to grow in inappropriate conditions may present a safety risk to members of the public or surrounding properties. When felling is the only option available, we undertake the required work using industry-approved practices that place a strong focus on site safety.

If room allows, we use traditional tree felling practices where the specimen is strategically cut at the trunk to influence the direction in which it falls. On site clearance projects were the safety of property, the public or local wildlife is a concern, we use sectional dismantling methods that see limbs and branches removed piece by piece, from the top of the tree working down to the bottom.

Craig Ketley, our managing director, has been working on site clearance projects since 1990 and leads his team by example. All clearance work is undertaken in a conscientious manner and wherever possible, we plan our work around any ongoing activity at your property to minimise inconvenience and disruption. We have the personnel, the equipment and the capabilities to perform all site clearance work to the highest standards.

Our site clearance services include:

  • Site Clearance Consultancy
  • Scrub and Vegetation Removal
  • Pruning and Reducing
  • Directional Tree Felling
  • Sectional Tree Dismantling
  • Stump Grinding and Removal
  • Ethical Herbicidal Treatments
  • Debris Removal and Disposal

Surrey Forestry can provide competitively priced quotations for all site clearance work. Contact us today and we’ll provide an initial site survey and evaluation. Throughout all site clearance projects, we work closely with our clients and obtain the required licences and permissions from the Forestry Commission and local authorities.

Contact us today on (01483) 285951 or (07768) 034538 to find out more about our site clearance services.

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