Vegetation Clearance

As parts of our professional grounds and woodland management services, we undertake vegetation clearance work throughout the four counties of Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent. Site and vegetation clearance may be required for a number of reasons. Usually, we clear vegetation in advance of development projects or as initial work for long-term forestry and woodland management programmes.

The importance of vegetation clearance is often underestimated. At Surrey Forestry, we understand that everything we do has a potential impact on surrounding environments and ecosystems. The way that we approach vegetation clearance has a vital role to play in animal mitigation and translocation. It is therefore entirely natural and ethical to ensure we approach our work in the most appropriate manner.

Very few companies in Surrey and the surrounding southeast counties have the expertise to include animal mitigation in their vegetation clearance work. At Surrey Forestry, we utilise ethical working practices and use specialist machinery to sensitively prepare the land around your property. Before any work begins, we conduct full site surveys, compile detailed reports and perform the relevant risk assessments.

Our company brings a number of different techniques to the table including the removal of species-poor habitats such as coniferous plantations. Cleared areas can be replanted to accept a more suitable species such as deciduous trees. Understandably, all locations are unique and when there is also wildlife to consider, we make informed decisions on the best working practices to use.

In proposed grassland development areas, we have to apply particular sensitivity to our work. It is vitally important that grass is cut in a suitable and ecologically friendly manner. This can include what we term as phased cutting, a practice that sees vegetation taken down at different heights so that animals can be found, captured and relocated. This practice also reduces animal mortality rates.

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