Woodland Management in Walton-on-Thames

At Surrey Forestry, we deliver professional arboriculture services throughout all major locations in the South East of England including Walton-on-Thames. We work alongside landowners in the local area, helping them to achieve their objectives through woodland management and the delivery of our professional forestry services. Craig Ketley, our Managing Director, has been serving Surrey as a qualified tree surgeon since 1990.

As part of our woodland management and forestry services, we make an assessment of previous land management, the history of the site and the way that former working practices may have affected the integrity of natural species. We include our Walton-on-Thames clients in every aspect of our management plans and can also liaise with special interest groups, local authorities and the Forestry Commission.

Site clearance and vegetation clearance are important parts of our work. We clear woodland of all invasive trees, plants and scrub to give natural species a better chance of survival. Because we take account of the site history, our team can adapt to all semi-natural, ancient semi-natural and planted woodland areas. Each of these has its own ecosystem which we studiously protect as part of our environmental responsibilities. We also take factors such as wildlife mitigation onto consideration.

There are many significant benefits to the work that we do. In addition to enhancing woodland space and preserving natural beauty for our future generations, we can also harvest timber as part of an ongoing maintenance programme. Ideal for creating biomass fuels and garden products, timber harvesting gives woodland owners an opportunity to earn a return on investment on their woodland maintenance work.

Call Surrey Forestry today to find out more about our forestry, site clearance and vegetation clearance services in Walton-on-Thames. We provide free written quotes for all of our work and can provide traditional arboriculture and tree surgery services on request.

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