Woodland Management

Prior to undertaking woodland management projects for customers in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire or Kent, we investigate all of the options available to us. It is vitally important that all eventualities are considered. We have a highly qualified team of tree surgeons, climbers and arboriculture specialists who create full arboriculture reports before recommending a suitable plan of action for work on your property.

  • Our company always considers what the impact of our work will do to the surrounding environment
  • We always pay strict attention to the effect our woodland management will have on local wildlife and ecosystems
  • Surrey Forestry never forget that we have an obligation to work closely with other entities. We always inform the Forestry Commission and the necessary local authorities whenever we are obliged to
  • We ensure felling licenses are in place and, if required, we always inform local residents if our presence might have an impact on their own day-to-day activities
  • Our company analyses access and egress issues carefully. We also pay strict attention to the working practices we use so that they never cause excessive damage to surrounding grounds
  • If there are ponds, lakes or rivers nearby, we will determine whether our work could cause pollution. If we identify a potential risk, we’ll always strive to find a more environmentally-friendly way of undertaking the project
  • We always decide what will happen to removed limbs, branches and trees before starting work. Wherever possible, we’ll recycle and create secondary products by chipping materials derived from your property

Surrey Forestry believe that conservation and preservation are the foundations of professional woodland management. We manage woodlands with the client in mind but we never forget that biodiversity and aesthetic appeal are just as important as the end results. As a company, we always ensure our work is undertaken to specified industry guidelines using structured and methodical working practices.

Our woodland management services extend to high-end property owners, developers, forestry trusts, country estate managers and surveyors. Our services include full inventories and assessments, establishing the most effective working programmes and recording and monitoring all activity.

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