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Recycling is the best way there is to look after the environment. Here at Surrey Forestry we like to recycle and re-use everything. One way we can do this is to create wood chip which can be used for biomass fuel.

Biomass boilers and wood fuel energy systems need something to make them burn. Fossil fuels such as coal or gas not only use up the planets natural resources, they also create chemicals and gases which are damaging to the environment. Biomass energy uses only organic matter, such as wood chip which is a sustainable resource. Wood chip biomass fuel also has less carbon emissions than fossil fuels.

Leaving matter to rot can damage the surroundings and the environment. Rotting wood will go damp and will start to produce carbon dioxide and methane, both of which are known to be damaging to the environment. Recycling waste wood and turning it in to wood chip is a cost effective and easily sustainable way to help landowners reduce waste and dramatically lower carbon emissions.

Our recycling policy

Surrey Forestry helps you to use biomass in your burners and boilers. Our recycling policy includes producing wood chip and drying it ourselves.

Wood chip biomass fuel is available in a few different grades, all of which best suits a particular function. We supply wood chip biomass fuel to G30 and G50 standards and importantly it is BSL approved.  Our product is small grain wood chip, suitable for smaller furnaces and biomass energy systems. Large furnaces will require larger wood chip biomass fuel.

We can process your waste wood

If preferred, we can visit your site, fell and process (or just process) your own waste wood into wood chip biomass fuel. Our chipper is portable and this helps reduce your transport costs. Once on site we can chip your waste wood quickly and efficiently and load it directly into your storage areas. The wood chip will need to be dried and we’re happy to advise you on the best way to do this and get the most from your biomass energy system.

We received funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development to develop and expand biomass waste production activity at Surrey Forestry. Grants were made available to increase competition and productivity within the forestry sector and we were awarded investment. This grant contributed towards the cost of a new tree shear, log deck and powerful chipper to produce our high quality biomass suited wood chip.

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