Logs For Sale

Logs For Sale

About Our Logs For Sale

Surrey Forestry pride ourselves for being sustainable. Almost 100% of the wood we generate is recycled. What isn’t turned into planks on our sawmill, goes into woodchip for biomass or mulch or it is dried in our kiln and processed into firewood.

All of our wood is responsibly and ethically sourced from the estates and woodlands we manage in and around Surrey. All of our logs are of the best quality, we use our own kiln to dry them to a less than 15% moisture content, ensuring a healthy fire, every burn. Our kiln dried logs have been naturally air-dried first for at least one year and our seasoned have been air-dried naturally for two years.

Surrey Forestry are proud to have a low carbon footprint to pass on to our customers. Our wood is all local hardwood. We provide Ash, Silver Birch, Oak and Sycamore and can advise you as to which logs are best for your usage upon ordering.

Visit our online log shop for local and national deliveries of sustainable surrey felled logs.

Some of the products we offer are:

Kiln Dried Wood

Surrey Forestry kiln dried hardwood is dried in our biomass system and contains less than 15% moisture. Kiln dried logs burn longer and hotter than seasoned wood and they are ideal for open fires, chimineas and wood burning stoves.

Seasoned Wood

Surrey Forestry seasoned hardwood is left to dry naturally for one to two years. This means they keep some moisture so they are great for open fires and wood burning stoves.


Surrey Forestry kindling also comes from the trees and woodland that we manage. Kindling is essential for setting and lighting a good fire. Our kindling is made from the same, high quality woods as our logs. We sell kindling at £6.50 for 3kg.


Coal is a natural commodity which is used in open fires. It is a slow burner and is a great fuel for maintaining heat. We can supply you with a range of coals suitable for traditional burning and also smokeless varieties should you live in a smoke control area. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Prices

£40 per 100 logs

Each log is approximately 15-20cm long so your overall cost is just 40p per log.

Local orders

The minimum local order is 200 logs and all orders are delivered Monday – Friday. Orders within 5 miles of Effingham are subject to a minimum standard delivery charge of £10.

Orders outside our area

The minimum order outside of this area is 500 logs and will also be subject to a delivery charge (price subject to distance).

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Operating as a trading division of our sister company, Surrey Tree Care Limited, we have an established reputation spanning more than twenty years.

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