Site Clearance

Site Clearance

About Our Site Clearance

Site clearances can range from totally clearing trees on a site for development to clearing foliage and vegetation to allow for further maintenance. Whatever your needs, Surrey Forestry can help.

Our Managing Director, Craig Ketley, has over 25 years of site clearance experience and he leads by example. We always try to plan our work around your activity and schedule to cause you the least inconvenience.

Clearing a site for development can mean felling trees and to us, safety is paramount. If there is space we will use the traditional felling method of cutting it at the trunk. In other cases where there is a risk to property, the public or wildlife, we use sectional dismantling. This removes the tree piece by piece, starting with the branches.

Throughout any project we work closely with both the client and the Forestry Commission, ensuring that all licenses and permissions are acquired on your behalf.

As part of our site clearance service we offer:

Site Clearance Consultancy

This offers you advice on the best and most efficient way of clearing your site, with health and safety and the environment in mind.

Scrub and Vegetation Removal

This removes all vegetation from an area giving you a blank canvas to work with.

Pruning and Reducing

If you need trees pruned or reduced as part of your site clearance we can do this efficiently to help you get the space you need while keeping the tree strong and healthy.

Directional Tree Felling

If there is space, we will ensure that any trees we fell will fall so they do not endanger any buildings, people or wildlife.

Sectional Tree Dismantling

If space is an issue, we can dismantle a tree in a safe and controlled manner.

Stump Grinding and Removal

As part of our site clearance, all stumps will be ground down or removed.

Ethical Herbicidal Treatments

An environmentally safe way to treat weeds or foliage.

Debris Removal and Disposal

Clearing a site can mean a lot of waste and we can remove and dispose of this for you.

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