Woodland Management

Woodland Management

About Our Woodland Management

Maintaining woodland needs professional care if the woodland is to remain strong and healthy.  Trees and foliage need to be cared for and wildlife needs to have a safe environment in which to live.

Surrey Forestry can help maintain woodlands in the Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire and Kent areas. We have tree surgeons, climbers and arboriculture specialists who will survey the area and provide full reports for a plan of action.

We believe that conservation and preservation are the foundations of professional woodland management, and we work hard to meet the needs of the client while ensuring that biodiversity and aesthetic appeal are not harmed.

The surrounding area

The surrounding environment is of paramount importance. As part of our maintenance we pay attention to the effect our work will have on ecosystems and wildlife and we will make sure that these are not harmed. This includes access and egress issues.  We will always find the best way to access the site without causing any damage to surrounding areas.

If our work is close to any ponds, rivers or lakes, we will carry out an assessment to find out if any work we do could pollute these. If this proves to be the case, we will work with the client to find an environmentally friendly solution.

If the work involves removing trees or limbs, we will discuss this before we start. We like to find ways to recycle these rather than simply destroy them.

Working with other organisations

Our work will often involve other organisations and we make sure local authorities and the Forestry Commission are informed of any work they need to know about. As part of our service, we also ensure felling licences are in place and we notify any nearby residents of the work we will be doing and how it may affect their daily lives.

We always follow industry guidelines and we make sure we are up-to-date with these, and this helps us maintain structured and methodical working practices, which can be altered and adapted where they need to be. As part of our ongoing maintenance, we provide full inventories and assessments, establish the most effective working programmes and we record and monitor all activity.

We are happy to provide woodland management services to high-end property owners, developers, forestry trusts, country estates and surveyors.

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